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Launching exceptional companies: From Pre-Seed to A Round                   



Started 6


Raised $150M

$500M sold




8 times from
 napkin to market 

Co-founded a

non-profit community organization (in NJ)

Founders like you:

We roll up our sleeves and work with you as your partners. We will help you draft and execute plans.
We will complement your team,
so that you can reduce risk and accelerate your company's 
success through A Round.




We have raised $150M from VCs as entrepreneurs ourselves. 
Our investors, who back us, have a wealth of experience in all stages of investments. 

We are on your side:

We can augment your
negotiation skills in major deals and in engagements with 
strategic accounts. We can help when it's time for A Round.

Strategy and marketing:

We have outlined and executed countless strategic and marketing plans.  
Let us help craft yours.


Tel: 201-779-1188

Ofer Shapiro

Tel: 201-240-8514



We believe in bringing value to early stage companies by partnering with them early and helping them with the creation, development, positioning, and execution of all of their major activities
as well as with pre-seed and seed investments.

From our experience working with Founders, we understand the strong need for a seasoned team that can support them by helping to develop and execute their business objectives.
As a result, we reduce risks and accelerate success. 

We offer a unique business model that combines 'sweat equity' and funding model,
both of which are essential for a company to succeed in the early stages.


We are passionate about technology and the process of converting a great idea to a
successful company!
Our willingness to inject 'sweat equity'    
makes our offering a novelty in the 'pre-seed' to 'seed' VC space. 




Perfect Partner

First customers:

We bring a wealth of experience
in customer engagements and
in building successful partnerships. 
We are well-versed in various industries and can help facilitate your first customers  
engagements and deployments.

Structuring for success:

We help structure the financial and legal aspects of your business. We can develop stock and vesting plans, and help protect company's IP. 


RLI is fully invested
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